Rivermead and Saxown Sale Tops at 3350gns!

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Kivells were on farm at Tiverton on Thursday to conduct the Rivermead & Saxown Porduction Sale of 64
Pedigree Jerseys on behalf of the Davis & Saxby Families. The Sale followed an excellent herd visit which drew a huge crowd of people from far and wide. The Sale was a huge success with 27 different buyers recorded with 15 head selling to 6 buyers from Northern Ireland with other buyers from Scotland, Cumbria, Wales, Yorkshire, Oxford, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Somerset, Devon & Cornwall.

Top of the day was 3550gns for the much admired six month old calf Rivermead Victorious Candy, she is maternal sister to Minx Candy VG89 two yearold who won Dairy Day 21 as an In Milk Heifer. This calf has huge potential and was bought by Tanwen Cox of Carmarthenshire.

Close behind at 3300gns was the best of the Saxown consignment, the much admired In Calf
Heifer Saxown Victorious Heidi, this super heifer was backed with 7 generations of VG & EX dams and sold due in February to sexed Ferdinand to Smyth McCann of Northern Ireland. The 9 milkers were a slightly more selective trade and topped at 2100gns for Saxown James Heidi, this heifer was backed with 5 striaght excellent dams and sold giving 26kgs to Kev Rickard & Family of Newport. At 1900gns was Saxown Matt Cash GP83, this heifer from the noted Cash Family sold back in Calf to sexed Addiction to the Buddleford Partneship of Cullompton.

The only milker from Rivermead was Rivermead Velocitys Scarlet ET GP84, an embryo daughter
off the All American Shantals Cgar Shiloh EX95, she sold to Robert & Lorraine Hunter of Lanarkshire, Scotland for their Clydevalley herd. In Calf Heifers were an excellent trade with others to 1750gns twice for Rivermead Matt Pixie and Rivermead Matt Waffle both due in April to sexed Addiction.

Others to 1600gns for Rivermead Hays Aurora by VJ Hays, this heifer was out of two excellent dams and sold due in March to sexed Addiction.

Saxown Dark Matt Cash sold due in December to sexed Victorious at £1600. Yearling heifers also sold well
topping at 1650gns for Rivermead Bubba Baby Lets Dance, an October born daughter of Pine-Tree Disco Bubba, with a cracking pedigree going back to Rapid Bay Juno Limerick EX96, and she sold to the Buddleford Partnership. At 1500gns was Rivermead Casino Louise and 1300gns was Saxown Engineer Cash.

Heifer Calves were the trade of the day and after the above mentioned top price Saxown Addiction Judy, the first daughter to be sold of Rivermead Casino Addiction sold exceptionally well at 1300gns to Jack King of Northern Ireland with Rivermead Colton Shamrock, the much admired broken coloured June born calf selling at 1200gns to Messrs A & F Mogridge of Dorset. Also at 1200gns was Rivermead VIP Lolly, a cracking April born calf, she sold to Mark & Anne Lee of Yorkshire.

The following excellent averages were achieved:
1 In Milk Heifer £1837
11 In Calf & Served Heifers £1491
19 Yearling Heifers £975
10 Heifer Calves £1107

8 In Milk Cows & Heifers £1693
5 In Calf & Served Heifers £1833
4 Yearling Heifers £1005
2 Heifer Calves £1076