Annual General Meeting

The 139th Annual General Meeting of the Jersey Cattle Society of the UK took  place on, on Tuesday 2nd August 2022 at 11.00am, at Kingsbeck Jerseys, Biggar, Lanarkshire.

At the 139th AGM, members saw the retirement of President John Stubbs step down and the election of New President Kathy Le Brun. 
There was also the Election of New Board Members John Waller (Killington herd) and Philip Arrell (Thistlerose herd).
Stepping down from the board was Mr John Whitby (Raylands herd).
To view the current members of the Board visit: JCS Board  of Directors

At the first meeting of the Board of Directors held after the AGM, Mr John Waller & Mr Philip Arrell were welcomed to the JCS Board of Directors.

The AGM report will be published in the August  edition of the Society's publication : The UKJT.   
All AGM documentation remains available to access and view in your Members Area.   
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PAST AGM REPORTS (downloads)