Annual General Meeting

The 2024 Annual General Meeting (141st) of the Jersey Cattle Society of the UK 

Date:          THURSDAY 8th AUGUST 2024

Host:          The Graham Family

Prefix:        Grahams Herd

Venue:       Graham’s The Family Dairy, Mains of Boquhan, Kippen FK8 3JQ

  • A great opportunity to view the Golden Girls who produce the Gold Jersey milk for the GRAHAMS Herd
  • Milking 300 head plus followers
  • Award Winning Milk Producing Business:
    • Scotland Food & Drink 2017 Dairy Winner (Gold Smooth)
    • The Grocer Awards: New Product Award Winner (Gold Top Yogurt- Strawberry)
    • Great Taste Awards: Gold Top Jersey Double Cream, Gold Top Milk, Gold Smooth Milk,

For further information please contact The Jersey Cattle Society of the UK office on 01926 484035 or email heather@thejcs.uk

The proposed programme is:
Morning:     Arrival and Welcome to Grahams Herd
Afternoon:  Farm Walk & Viewing the Grahams Herd

We look forward to welcoming as many members to the 2024 AGM.
All members attending are to make all their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

A timetable of events of the AGM will be available in due course.

All AGM documentation remains available to access and can be viewed in your Members Area.   
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PAST AGM REPORTS (downloads)