The UK Jersey Times (UKJT) Magazine

The UK Jersey Times (UKJT) is produced three times a year by the Jersey Cattle Society of the UK and is specifically produced for the members of the Society. Making it one of the core benefits of membership to the Society.
This breed specific dairy magazine is informative and covers the current issues facing UK dairy farmers whilst most importantly being from the Jersey breed perspective and from breeders and producers with first-hand experience of the Jersey breed.

Examples of UKJT content

  • Farm features from pedigree breeders from across the UK, that give a unique insight into member’s farms and businesses.

  • The Jersey Cattle Forum that cover the latest topical industry issues, such as succession planning, dry cow management and health and safety for example.

  • International articles (that show how the Jersey is farmed and fairs in other countries).

  • The place to go to refer to the latest management advice from vets and feed experts.

  • Information about forthcoming Society events, competitions, news and UK herd book updates.
  • Event and Competition Results - including the All Britain Photographic Competition, Annual Milk Production competition, Jersey Young Breeders, The JCS National Show and All Britain All Breeds Calf Show to name a few.

  • News direct from Society members and JCS Area Clubs.

  • Prime opportunity for pedigree breeders to advertise their pedigree herds and pedigree stock for sale, as well leading agricultural companies to advertise directly to the Jersey pedigree market.

Editors of The UKJT

We are proud to create, write and edit the UKJT and have done since its inception, and as farm girls ourselves we thrive on member feedback and advice which hopefully makes this one of the most sought after dairy farming publications in the UK.

Sarah Liddle & Sarah Jarvis