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JUDGES: Mr B Etteridge RESULTS MAIDEN HEIFER, born in 2020 1st SAXOWN Casino Judy 27 RJ & CA Saxby 2nd LONGING Ambition Charm Design Daydream UK 3rd LAYWARD Divines Chica Bonita Miss KE Jenkinson 4th RAVENFIELD Stubby Tilly JF & S Heath CHAMPION MAIDEN HEIFER SAXOWN Casino Judy 27 RESERVE CHAMPION MAIDEN HEIFER LONGING Ambition Charm HEIFER, in calf, born on or between 1st April & 31st December 2019 1st LONGING Itaskas Fillpail Fizz Design Daydream UK 2nd KATHERINES Oliver P Black Velvet Miss KE Jenkinson COW, in calf, not less than 5 months 1st KATHERINES Jenny Ontime Miss KE Jenkinson HEIFER, in milk, which has produced her first and only calf before attaining the age of two and a half years (10 Entries) 1st ENCHANTED Tequila Ariel (Best Udder) Coates Family 2nd BLUEGRASS Tequila Merry Jane R & E Butterfield 3rd NETHERVALLEY Tequila Tayberry M & D Wilson 4th SAXOWN Casino Judy 24 RJ & CA Saxby 5th COLDEATON Excitation Josephine Mr JC Stubbs 6th GILBROOK Viral Design Richardson Family JUNIOR CHAMPION ENCHANTED Tequila Ariel RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION BLUEGRASS Tequila Merry Jane JUNIOR COW, in milk, having calved twice          1st GREYLEYS Chili Del Ivory 198 (Best Udder) Mr DE Shaw 2nd VALLEY Excitation Precious Mr P Cotton 3rd COLDEATON Yegabomb Josephine Mr JC Stubbs 4th GILBROOK Tara Pippa Richardson Family 5th LONGING Excitation Winnie Longing Jerseys INTERMEDIATE COW, in milk, having had three or four calves (8 Entries) 1st COLDEATON Tequila Alison Mr JC Stubbs 2nd SAXOWN Bruce Judy 20 RJ & CA Saxby 3rd COLDEATON Reagan Alison Ravenfield Jerseys 4th GILBROOK Ballard Pippa Richardson Family 5th LONGING Legal Lassie (Best Udder) Longing Jerseys 6th HAILSTONE Tequila Winsome 2 M & D Wilson SENIOR COW, in milk, having had five or more calves (4 Entries) …