Presidents & Chairman of the Jersey Cattle Society of the UK

The Jersey Society of the UK has an illustrious 130-year history.

The Society has been ever present during some of the most momentous changes in the UK dairy industry and has always been there to champion and protect the integrity of our magnificent Jersey dairy cow and the products she is responsible for.
This is no better epitomised than in the service given by the President & Chairman of the Society. Their careful stewardship has been our bedrock.

We proudly list the Society’s Presidents and Chairmen and their year/s of service:
1891Viscount Hampden
1892J F Hall
1893The Earl of Londesborough
1894John Tremaine
1895The Earl of Warwick
1896James S Corbett
1897Lord Rothschild
1898The Rev S H Williams
1899Lord Braybrook
1900Ernest Matthews
1901Lord Blyth
1902The Duke of Malborough
1903Dr Herbert Watney
1904The Marquis of Winchester
1905William Arkwright
1906The Earl of Stratford
1907Lt-Col Willan
1908Admiral The Hon T S Brand
1909A Miller-Hallet
1910Earl Cadogan K G
1911Herbert Padwick
1912The Marquis of Willingdon
1913George Murray Smith
1914Viscount Portman
1915J H Smith Barry
1916Lord Poltimore
1917CC Tudway
1918Richardson Carr
1919Edward Carter
1920R Bruce Ward
1921Joseph Carson
1923Lord Roundway
1924W Adams
1925W P Budgett
1926Dr H Corner
1927Viscount Portman
1928Mrs Evelyn
1929Brig-Gen F C Longbourne
1930H Leyborne Popham
1931H Cecil Pelly
1932Neville G Gwynn
1933B H G Arkwright
1934John Fleming
1935A Miller-Hallett
1936Brig-Gen Lord Roundway
1937Sir John B Lloyd
1938Rev K A Latter
1939Beauchamp Hogg
1940Grosvenor Berry
1941Beauchamp Hogg
1942John Fleming
1943Beauchamp Hogg
1944S S Lockwood
1945Dr R W V Wheldon
1946The Earl De La Warr
1947H L Webb
1948John Thompson
1949L Gordon Tubbs
1950A W Fox
1951C Gordon Thompson
1952Gordon McWilliam
1953Eric J Boston
1954W E C Watkinson
1955F Henderson
1956H L Webb
1957J G Bell
1958C Gordon Thompson
1959M O K Day
1960Mrs G J Caddey
1961Mrs G J Caddey
1962Gordon McWilliam
1963M A Kerr
1964E J Boston
1965Capt P G Aizlewood
1967W E C Watkinson
1968F Keith
1969Mrs Vaughan Douglas
1970Dr John T Wheldon
1971Dr John T Wheldon
1972Miss Joan Barry
1973Mr R F Heath
1974Mr J K Morrish
1975Mr D N Carter
1976Mr J O J Stevens
1977Mr G Tyrell
1978Mr G Tyrell
1979Mr D C Dalton
1980HM The Queen Mr Aizlewood deputised for the Queen
1981Mr P F Pratt
1982Mr G T Evan Cook
1983Mr K C Timbury
1984Mr M L Richardson
1985Mr R A Corner
1966Mr J K Morrish
1987Mr R E P Bowkett
1988Mr J Pollard
1989Mrs Pamela Ainslie
1990Mrs Carter
1991Mr Plum
1992HM Queen
1993Miss Joan Barry
1994Mr Alan Cowdrey
1995Mr R Angel James
1996Mr J E Dickinson
1997Mr Simmonds
1998Mr Ralph White
1999-2000Mr C Halliday
2001-2002Mr Charles Reader
2003-2004Mr Malcolm Huxtable
2005-2006Mr Roger Derryman
2007-2008Mr Don Dawes
2009-2010Mr Rogers Coltman
2011-2014Mr Tom Bradley
2014-2015Mr David Shaw
2015-2016Mrs Su Mahon
2017-2019Mrs Lena Lewis
2020-2022Mr John Stubbs
1988Mr R E P Bowkett
1989Mr Don J Daws
1990Mr Don J Daws
1991Mr Don J Daws
1992Mr R A Corner
1993Mr R A Corner
1994Mr D C Gibbon
1995Mr D C Gibson
1996Mr Arnold Thompson
1997Mr Arnold Thompson
1998Mr Claude L G Wadman
1999Mr Claude L G Wadman
2000Mr Gordon Y Hastie
2001Mr Gordon Y Hastie
2002Mr John Chester
2003Mr Ashley J Fleming
2004Mr Ashley J Fleming
2005Mr Ashley J Fleming
2006Mr Ashley J Fleming
2007Mr Edward Morgan
2008Mr Edward Morgan
2009Mr Peter Prior
2010Mr Peter Prior
2011Mr Charles Reader
2012Mr Charles Reader
2013Mr Mark Taylor
2014Mr Ashley J Fleming
2015Mr Ashley J Fleming
2016Mr Ashley J Fleming
2017Mr Steven Bland
2018Mr Steven Bland
2019Mr John Whitby
2020Mr John Whitby
2021Mr Mark Logan
2022Mr Mark Logan
2023Mr Mark Logan