The Jersey Cattle Society of the UK is lead and managed by a Board of Elected Members. Each Trustee gives their time voluntarily and are elected by members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting.
The Trustees are supported by a team of individuals who deliver the work of the Society under the direction of the Board of Trustees.

Meet the JCS Board of Trustees & the support team

John Stubbs
Tel: 01335 345156
The President aims to guide and assist the Jersey Cattle Society Board & Members with all aspects involving the Jersey breed to promote its attributes and qualities. The President will endeavour to attend Board meetings, club meetings, Jersey Cattle Society functions, open days & field events, as invited. Alongside meeting and supporting the members, commercial farmers and customers for our milk at the major shows across the country.
  • Provides leadership & direction to the Board of Trustees, ensuring each Trustee fulfils their duties and responsibilities for the effective governance of the charity.
  • Support and work closely with the Company Secretary, National Office and Field Service Officer to ensure that the Society functions as a unit, towards achieving the charity’s agreed objectives.
  • Representative for the Society and the Jersey breed, representing the Society at selected external events.
  • Providing written updates to members about the activities of the Society and the annual report at the Annual General Meeting.

Steven Bland
Finance Director
Tel: 07979 860651
Email: info@abbottlodge-

  • Ensure the Society is financially prudent and meets the compliance requirements as defined by the Charities Commission.
  • Oversee the preparation and monitoring of budgets.
  • Hold an annual review with the Society’s Accountant as a minimum.
  • Present the annual accounts at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Approval of all financial decisions and payments made by the Society.
  • Oversee the work of the Society’s book keeper including GAD claims.
  • Panel representative on any interview panel for new suppliers or new Society agreements.

Robert Hunter
Judges, Shows & Sales Director
Tel: 07774 134787
Email: lorraine@clydevalley-

  • JCS Herd Book – lead Director.
  • UK Show & Judge Approval for pedigree Jersey classes.
  • Overseeing of the Judges Panel and Conference.
  • Oversee the All-Britain & Milk Production competition.
  • Sales.
John Whitby
Special Projects
Tel: 07768 473787
  • Promote the value of Jersey milk.
  • Develop commercial breeder involvement.
  • Look for opportunities to engage and encourage research and industry initiatives involving the Jersey breed.
  • Support projects that increase the demand for Jersey milk and Jersey produce.
  • Encourage new JYB members.
  • Ensure JYB are compliant with legislation.
  • Oversee the annual JYB Weekend.
  • Develop JYB Awards and Competitions.
  • Secure sponsorship for JYB.
  • Oversee the content and production of Society’s publication: The UKJT.
Delivery of the day to day management and administration of the following Society work under the direction of the Society’s Trustees including:

  • Company Secretary Services.
  • Herd book including genomics, DNA and foreign bull registrations.
  • Management of the Society’s finances including gift aid under the direction of the Finance Director.
  • Working alongside the Society’s Field Service Officer.
  • Overseeing the coordination of Society events and competitions.
  • Marketing: Developing the new website and online communications for members.
  • Late Animal Registrations, Herd Grade ups and pedigree queries
  • Providing member support to members across the UK
  • Shows
  • JCS National Show
  • Animal Registrations Queries.
  • DNA & Genomic testing.
  • Bull Registrations including imported semen.
  • Embryo registrations.
  • Membership and membership services.
  • Administration of Society events and competitions, including the JYB weekend, All Britain All Breeds Calf Show, Milk Production Awards and All Britain Photographic Competition.
  • Appointment booking and cancellation.
  • Classification enquiries (please see Covid19 guidance regarding classification services).