The Jersey Cattle Society of the UK is lead and managed by a Board of Elected Members. Each Trustee gives their time voluntarily and are elected by members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting.
The Trustees are supported by a team of individuals who deliver the work of the Society under the direction of the Board of Trustees.

Meet the JCS Board of Trustees & the support team


Kathy Le Brun
Tel: 07767 808971
Email: brunlek@aol.com

I have been involved with agriculture in various forms since the mid-sixties.   After the farm and Jerseys were sold in Dorset, my husband, Brian, went to work for the Jersey Cattle Society in the late seventies.   I was able to help at various Society events, conferences and Shows in the fifteen years that Brian was with the Society, including the Royal Show and the Jersey Pavilion.  Through the World Jersey Cattle Bureau Brian and myself were able to visit various countries, visiting many herds and Jersey breeders.

I became self-employed around 30 years ago and have worked principally as a Farm Secretary.   I am now semi-retired with just two farm clients, unfortunately neither have Jerseys or even livestock!

I have been able to keep my interest in Jerseys and Jersey Breeders, not only in the early days with Brian and the Society, but also with the Thames & Isis Jersey Cattle Club and for the past 10 years or so as Hon. Sec. for the Southern Jersey Cattle Club.  I am on the Cattle Committee of Newbury Show, have volunteered in the Society’s office and have also stewarded at the Show.  It is my hope as President-Elect to promote the breed and Jersey Breeders at any and every opportunity.

I have one daughter and two sons plus five grandchildren which keep me busy from time to time.


Mark Logan
JCS Chairman
JCS Director Role: Herdbook

Tel: 07889 532280
Email: mark@clandeboye.co.uk

Mark Logan is the current Chairman of the Jersey Cattle Society and also has had responsibility for the Herd Book throughout his time on the board.

Mark is the Estate Manager at Clandeboye Estate in County Down Northern Ireland and has managed the Clandeboye Jersey Herd since its inception in 2000. Clandeboye Estate milks 30 Jerseys alongside 70 Holsteins and processes the milk into their own brand, Clandeboye Estate Yoghurt. Breeding top quality animals is his passion and members of the herd has been successful in the showring and All Britain Awards. This is however tempered with the need to have functional, healthy, long lived herd cows. Mark brings a knowledge of pedigree breeding along with the experience of a diversification project to the board.


John Waller
Finance Director
Tel: 07759 568639
Email: johnrwaller@btinternet.com

I farm in partnership with my father Robert, on a pedigree dairy and sheep farm, with around 400 acres in Killington, down the Lune Valley, between the market towns of Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale. We’re a family run farm, with strong herds of 100 Holsteins and 60 Jerseys under the Killington prefix, and 400 commercial sheep.

My family have been the main driving force behind our Jersey herd, with the first two in-calf heifers being purchased in July 2000 at the Calthwaite herd dispersal. We then approached Tom Savage and Sheila Fleming of the Shellen herd, who kindly agreed to sell us three maiden heifers, of which Design and Eleanor have proved very prolific and profitable cows for us, with many offspring being tremendous cows within our herd. In 2005, we had the chance to buy a terrific maiden heifer, Bluestone Victorious Rohini, who has given us 49 daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters, etc.  Since then, our herd has grown massively through the use of sexed semen and also the occasional introduction of new breeding lines from various breeders within the society.

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy successes over the showing seasons at our local shows, and have also had many opportunities to judge classes of the breed at shows across England.


Robert Hunter
Judges, Shows & Sales Director
Tel: 07774 134787
Email: lorraine@clydevalleyjerseys.co.uk

Robert currently farms 300 acres near Shotts, Lanarkshire Scotland, having moved from Northern Ireland In 1982

His background has always been dairy, milking pedigree Friesians, Holsteins and Jerseys from an early age, however, since 2017 it is purely a pedigree Jersey Herd. He has been involved with the Jersey Society since 1999 and has been lucky enough to enjoy successes in the show ring with animals from  his established ‘Clydevalley ‘Herd and has been given several opportunities to judge the breed throughout the UK. He is also currently chairman of the Scottish Dairy Cattle Association (SDCA) and sits on the board of AgriScot which gives him a greater insight into all current dairy affairs.

His current role within the society is overseeing Judges, Sales and Shows, a role in which he has a deep interest, bringing experience and an enthusiasm for the Jersey breed.


Mark Davis
Jersey Young Breeders (JYB) & Publications Director
Tel: 07773 371774
Email: mark.davis@kivells.com

I am the eldest son of a first generation Dairy Farmer and became very involved in the family Dairy farm from a young age. The Davis family have been involved with the Jersey breed since 2003 when the Pixeygreen herd was purchased from Norfolk. It was from then that my passion for the breed really grew and the Rivermead herd was established.
I am a specialist Dairy Auctioneer with Kivells based at Exeter Livestock Centre since 2010 but still very involved with the  Dairy Farm at home milking the cows on a regular basis.
I enjoy showing cows at local and National Shows where the Rivermead name has had great success over the years.


Douglas Hume
Tel: 07979 275712
Email: douglashume2@gmail.com

With over 38 years in the dairy industry and working with some great herds of Holsteins notably Manorpowis, Hayleys and Lemington and with a memorable time spent at Quality Holsteins in Canada in the early 1990's being part of the team to help achieve All Canadian Breeders Herd.

Douglas' interest in the Jersey cow came when managing the dairy farm for Robert Graham in Stirling. Seeing what the breed is capable of in technical performance, feed conversion efficiency and milk quality together with being a pleasure to work with is truly what the modern day dairy cow is all about. And with a genetic platform to build on, the Jersey cow will be a major player in shaping the future of the dairy sector.


Philip Arrell
Tel: 07811 808919
Email: philiparrell@gmail.com

I have been involved in the dairy industry all my working life with a passion for genetics and pedigree breeding. I am currently employed by Genus Breeding Ltd. as a Genetics Services Specialist. Within this role I am involved with sourcing the Jersey Genetics for the UK and have been tasked with sourcing a few Bulls from our Jersey Breeders to go into stud. This is a very positive move and shows enormous confidence in our Herdbook.  I previously worked as a Classifier for NBDC in which I inspected pedigree animals of all breeds.

 I have always had a great interest in the Jersey breed and have a small herd with my wife, Jane. We enjoy showing with our daughter, Isla (Sweetpea herd). We have also had numerous All Britain nominations over the past few years of which we are very proud.

 I am very aware of the changing times within our industry and the need to breed and promote a functional and efficient animal is paramount moving forward. I feel that we as Jersey breeders have the cow to do this and I am very keen to be involved in delivering what our members want.

Scott McGill
Tel: 07792 440803
Email: kerricksfarms@outlook.com


Heather Pritchard
JCS National Office
Tel: 01926 484035
Email: heather@thejcs.uk

Delivery of the day to day management and administration of the following Society work under the direction of the Society’s Trustees including:

  • Company Secretary services
  • Herd Book including processes for genomics, DNA and foreign bull registrations
  • Management of the Society’s finances including gift aid
  • Working alongside the Society’s Field Service Officer
  • Overseeing the coordination of  the Society AGM, events and competitions

Becky Hurd
Field Service Officer
Mobile: 07814 497520
Email: becky@thejcs.uk

  • Late Animal Registrations, Herd Grade ups and pedigree queries
  • Providing member support to members across the UK
  • Shows
  • JCS National Show

Molly Farmer
Jersey Cattle Registrations
Tel: 01923 695203
Email: registrations@thejcs.uk

  • Animal Registrations Queries
  • DNA & Genomic testing
  • Bull Registrations including imported semen
  • Embryo registrations

Catherine Jones
JCS National Office
Tel: 01926 484035
Email: office@thejcs.uk

  • Membership and membership services
  • Administration of Society events and competitions, including the JYB weekend, All Britain All Breeds Calf Show, Milk Production Awards and All Britain Photographic Competition

Jackie Clarke
Jersey Cattle Classifications Co-ordinator
Tel: 01923 695208
Email: jackieclark@nbdc.uk

  • Appointment booking and cancellation
  • Classification enquiries (please see Covid19 guidance regarding classification services)