Royal Bath & West Show

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Judge: Mr Tim Garry


JERSEY HEIFER, not in calf, maximum age of 18 months on the first day of show (born after 1st December 2021)

1st GREENWAY Ferdinand Coco Pops

Les & Tracy Rockett

2nd GREENWAY Ferdinand Aries

Les & Tracy Rockett

3rd MOONLIGHT Stormy Victorious Nouvelle

Chloe Peach

4th JOSIES Devinci Lemonade

Josie Dowding

5th BURYHILL Littlestar Marissa

Zoe Cambridge

6th BURYHILL Bubba Rumour

Zoe Cambridge

JERSEY HEIFER, incalf with first calf, due to calve at under 2.5 years of age

1st GREENWAY Excitation Lori

Les & Tracy Rockett

2nd BURYHILL Littlestar Rumour 2

Zoe Cambridge

3rd BURYHILL Littlestar Honey

Zoe Cambridge

4th BURYHILL Littlestar Tequila

Zoe Cambridge

JERSEY JUNIOR COW, in milk, having calved not more than twice

1st BURYHILL Engineer Rumour Lula

Zoe Cambridge

JERSEY SENIOR COW, in milk, having calved three times or more

 1st WHITEFIRE Dazzler Flamingo

Kevin & Sian Rickard


1st Zoe Cambridge

JERSEY PAIR OF ANIMALS, property of the same exhibitor but not necessarily exhibitor bred

1st Les & Tracy Rockett

2nd Zoe Cambridge

3rd Zoe Cambridge


BURYHILL Engineer Rumour Lula


WHITEFIRE Dazzler Flamingo