Want to find out more about the kind of technical data produced by AHDB Dairy & NBDC on the Jersey Breed?
Tap into the great resources listed below:
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AHDB (Dairy) provide the UK dairy genetic and genomic evaluations and host a web page dedicated to Jersey genetics. This page lists young genomic and daughter proven bulls available to the UK market to identify bulls you might like to use on your herd. All traits evaluated by AHDB are shown in these lists, ensure you’re not breeding unfavourable genetics into your herd by checking the sire’s proof through AHDB before purchasing.

On the female side, there are list of the top cows and herds in the UK based on the Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI), take a look to see if your herd or one of your cows has made the list! Get an idea of the spread of the genetics of the national herd by viewing the cow breed standards and the herd standards. To view the monthly Jersey £PLI reports, please click here.
To see your own herd genetics and where you rank compared to other UK Jersey herds, you can fill in this form to access your Herd Genetic Report if you are fully milk recording.

Finally, for more background information on what goes into the various genetic indexes and how to use them, the AHDB have put a number of short tutorial videos together which you can find here or you can read their Breeding Briefs guide.


The NBDC (National Bovine Data Centre) exists to record conformation data in cattle and publish this alongside ancestry, genetic evaluation and milk records for use in improving UK cattle production. NDBC provide the production trends for the Jersey breed from pedigree registered animals (those both in the full and supplementary register) giving confidence that the statistics shown are representative of the breed.