Jerseys Fly At Exeter!

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Kivells held the Golden Opportunity Sale of 20 Pedigree Jerseys at Exeter Livestock Centre on Friday.

Once again Exeter continues to lead the way with the strongest trade anywhere in the UK!

There was an excellent quality entry forward and top of the day was 1920gns (£2016) for a third calver “Morebridge Topeka Clematis GP83” by Heartland Merchant Topeka from Messrs MS Ashton & Sons of Torrington who sold others to 1900gns (£1995) twice for a another third calver by Evangelo Del Primero and a Heifer “Morebridge Megapower Brandy” by River Valley Megapower.

The same vendors sold others to 1850gns (£1942) and a fourth calver by Tollenaars Impuls Legal to 1750gnsn (£1837)! Messrs Ashton also sold two Dry Cows to 1600gns (£1680) and 1500gns (£1575) and their consignment of 16 averaged a whopping £1764!

Bruce, Jenny & Jess Ravenhill-White of Umberleigh sold three cracking Cows & Heifers from their Whitenhill Herd and topped at 1900gns for a second calver “Whitenhill Santas Windsock VG87” by Bluegrass Carols Santa Claus. “Whitenhill Citations Chestnut GP84” sold having calved in August at 1850gns whilst the other heifer by a homebred sire sold at 1750gns. Richard Norman of Yeovil sold a fifth calver “Cracker Nadals Girl” by Lencrest Nadal at 1520gns (£1596)!


17 In Milk Cows & Heifers      £1835

3 In Calf Cows & Heifers         £1470