Longley Farm

Longley Farm
Yoghurt Butter Cream Cottage Cheese Cream Cheese Fromage Frais Buttermilk Yorkshire Curd
Messrs J & E Dickinson
Longley, England HD9 2JD, United Kingdom
Local Farm Shops / Farmers Markets, Local Restaurants, Local Cafes, Local Hotels, Local Supermarkets, Restaurants across the UK

About Us

Over Half a Century of Traditional Wholesome Quality

At Longley Farm, quality and goodness come naturally and are the hallmarks of an independent Dairy built on firm traditional values – something for which Yorkshire is famous.

These values have been vital in helping us create a range of dairy products which are enjoyed in Yorkshire and around the world, thanks to their natural goodness and high quality.

For over half a century, Longley Farm has worked hard to produce the very best dairy products. Our solid family values have certainly contributed to our world-renowned reputation. Equally important is our commitment to controlling and maintaining quality at each and every stage of production.

This all means that wherever you see our natural dairy products, you can be assured of wholesome traditional quality. You can also depend on our packing and production facilities to support our customers wherever they may be.

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