The Pedigree Certificate service provides members with the ability to access, review, save down or print individual pedigree certificates for any animal within their pedigree herd.

The additional benefit of this service is that members can see the very latest data contained on each animal pedigree certificate.

How to access, view and print/save your pedigree certificates

Please click here to visit the 'Pedigree Certificates' facility provided by NBDC.

Please note this will open the page in a new tab/window, you can close it when finished to return to the JCS website.

Guide on how to use Pedigree Certificates:

    1. Choose 'Jersey UK' from the Society options.

    1. Enter your Herd Prefix and your PIN Number.

      If you have forgotten your PIN number, you can find it in your Member Profile in the Members Area on 'Your Account', alternatively you can call 01926 484035 or email heather@thejcs.uk.

  1. Select the animal or animals you wish to print and then press 'submit batch.' The selected certificate/s are then downloaded to your computer to enable you either print and/or save them.

    All animal certificates are printed in-line with the updated EU format.