Grahams New Yoghurt is the Gold Top in Taste and Luxury

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The Scottish family dairy introduces a new luxury yogurt to their iconic Gold Top range

– a first for Scotland!

Today, Graham’s The Family Dairy announce the launch of Gold Top Luxury Yogurt, a new luxuriously layered yogurt made with deliciously creamy Jersey milk. A first for Scotland, the yogurt is a new addition to the Scotland’s No1 Chosen Brand’s iconic Gold Top range of products, which include award winning milk, butter, and cream.

Gold Top Luxury Yogurt is made with the freshest Jersey milk from the Graham’s own herd of Golden Girls in Stirlingshire. Naturally 18% higher in protein and 20% higher in calcium than ‘standard’ milk, Jersey milk’s velvety smooth texture, is rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iodine and vitamins A, B, D and E. So, with the addition of the opulent layer of strawberry or salted caramel, Graham’s Gold Top Luxury Yogurt is THE new must-have treat!

Robert Graham, Managing Director, Graham’s The Family Dairy, “Innovation and product development are something we at Graham’s pride ourselves on, and we have been busy this year developing a host of new dairy products, including our new Gold Top luxury layered yogurt using our Jersey milk. As an amalgamation of our existing yoghurt and our iconic Gold Top Jersey milk range, we worked with external research agency, TRKR, as well as our own Graham’s Taste Testers to gain category and customer insight into this new product innovation, at concept level.

Our own customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They wanted us to develop a luxury yogurt made with our Jersey Gold Top milk. So, as we continue to create delicious and nutritional dairy products with fresh local milk for our customers from all over Scotland, as well as the rest of the UK, we hope that everyone enjoys our new Gold Top Luxury Yogurt as much as we do”!

Each pot of Graham’s Gold Top Luxury Yogurt is made with fresh milk from our Jersey cows to create a rich, smooth, and creamy yogurt. Deliciously indulgent, packed with flavour, our yogurt is perfect for breakfast or simply as a tasty and enjoyable afternoon or evening treat. High in protein and a good source of calcium, there is also good news for those with an intolerance to A1 proteins, as it is much less prevalent in milk from Jersey cows where, instead, there is naturally a higher percentage of A2*.

Graham’s Gold Top Yogurt pots are now available in M&S (RSP £2.20) stores across Scotland and will be in Tesco stores from July, with the aim to roll out across the rest of the UK.