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JUDGE: Mr Logan Courtney


SENIOR COW, In Milk, fourth lactation or more (7 Entries)

1st Quintrell Ballard Devotional Mike & Claire Colwell

2nd Westmill Broiler Blackberry    WJ Bowman

3rd Sunnydawn Success Peach The Renfree Family

JUNIOR COW, In Milk, 2 or 3 lactations (9 Entries)

1st Quintrell Spectrum Dianna Mike & Claire Colwell

2nd Torvalley Joel Jazz The Renfree Family

3rd Cardinney Wonderman Wishful JR & SM Warren

DRY COW (8 Entries),

1st Carvinnack Star Delia Wayne Jeffery

2nd Moorview Tilly Zoe Walters

3rd Winkland Completes Annette AJC Carter

MAIDEN HEIFER, 12-18 Months (8 Entries)         

1st Cardinney Timekeeper Starlight          JR & SM Warren

2nd Lynfield Belle              The Basher Family

3rd Whitenhill Rosevelts Red Bopple Nut  The Johns Family


HEIFER, In Calf, (7 Entries)

1st Olympic Victorious Veronica The Renfree Family

2nd Cardinney Primero Wish Bone JR & SM Warren

3rd Westmill Harris Dianne WJ Bowman

HEIFER, In Milk (7 Entries)

1st Whitenhill Lorenzos Luga The Johns Family

2nd Quintrell Circus Rose Mike & Claire Colwell

3rd Honeyfields Victorious Laramie The Renfree Family


1st Ansom Ontime Melba – 540 Points    The Renfree Family

2nd Sowden Hilux Miranda – 466 Points       JR & SM Warren

3rd Quintrell Ballard Devotional – 457 Points  Mike & Claire Colwell


1st Glanmor Julian Winc – 983 Points JR & SM Warren

2nd Quintrell Rocket Igloss – 897 Points Mike & Claire Colwell

3rd Sunnydawn Rocket Keiserite – 851 Points The Williams Family

CHAMPION: Quintrell Spectrum Dianna

“This beautiful cow is the definition of what I look for in a modern, balanced dairy cow. She has the width & capacity throughout to easily carry her to the top of the show and an udder that you just can’t find flaws in. An absolutely wonderful cow to win the show”.

RESERVE CHAMPION: Whitenhill Lorenzos Luga

“The width of rear udder in this incredible young cow makes her an ideal cow to follow our Champion Cow. You have to admire the dairyness of this cow, who doesn’t compromise style. A young cow with an exciting future ahead of her”.

HONOURABLE MENTION: Westmill Broiler Blackberry

“HM is this aged cow and I wanted to recognise her as HM because she shows what longevity looks like in our breed and still is a cow any dairy man would be proud to have grazing in their front paddock. Beautiful, silky well attached udder, with good teat placement and looks to have years left in her, a beautiful cow that I’m sure her owners are proud of”.