Sunnydawn Oliver Crabapple


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JUDGE: Mr Michael Heath, USA


JUNIOR CALF, born 1st January 2020 – 30th June 2020 (4 Entries) 

1st HAYVALLEY Colton Cameo DW & GN Renfree & Family

2nd HAYVALLEY Casino Tara DW & GN Renfree & Family

3rd WESTMILL Zummit Sunlight William Bowman

1st over 2nd: She is wider in the pins & has more depth & openness of rib. Furthermore she has more quality and dairyness throughout.

2nd over 3rd: has more length & stretch to her frame, she also displays more cleanliness & is flatter in the bone in the hock.

3rd over 4th: squarer in the frame & has more overall balance and is also straighter in her hind leg placement.

INTERMEDIATE CALF, born 1st September 2019 – 31st December 2019 (6 Entries)

1st HAYVALLEY Crazy G Milki DW & GN Renfree & Family

2nd CARVINACK Gunner Dream Wayne Jeffery

3rd CARVINACK Chocolette Wayne Jeffery

1st over 2nd: has more length & extension to her frame. She also displays more quality & dairyness throughout.

2nd over 3rd: has more style & balance, she is also a little cleaner cut throughout.

3rd over 4th: has a smoother blending of parts as she has a straighter top line and has more depth of rib.

SENIOR CALF, born 1st May 2019 – 31st August 2019 (6 Entries)

1st SUNNYDAWN Oliver Crabapple DW & GN Renfree

2nd CARVINACK Sunnydawn Violet Wayne Jeffery

3rd TRENITHON Devinci Whimsical The Williams Family

1st over 2nd: This calf has more length of frame & displays more overall style. I also feel she appears to be more of a total overall heifer and her correctness of hind feet & legs.

2nd over 3rd: She has more overall quality & appears to be a silkier made heifer. She is also squarer made in her frame & has more depth & spring of rib.

3rd over 4th: This calf is a more angular, sharper heifer, tha has more overall length & stretch. She is also wider in the pins.

MATURE CALF, born 1st January 2019 – 30th April 2019 (6 Entries)          

1st HONEYFIELDS Casino Lets Dance           DW & GN Renfree & Family

2nd HONEYFIELDS Casino Belle DW & GN Renfree & Family

3rd CARVINACK Star Novella Wayne Jeffery

1st over 2nd: She has more lift to her front end & Straigthness of her lines & topline. I also prefer her overall squareness of frame.

2nd over 3rd: Main reason in this placing is correctness of feet and legs as she stands squarer from the rear view.

3rd over 4th: Quality & dairyness as well as squareness of rump along with overall balance are the main reasons. She also displays a deeper sweep to her rib structure.


CHAMPION SUNNYDAWN Oliver Crabapple (Winner of Senior Calf Class) DW & GN Renfree & Family

RESERVE CHAMPION HAYVALLEY Crazy G Milki (Winner of Intermediate Calf Class) DW & GN Renfree & Family

I prefer the winner of the Senior Calf Class for Champion as she has a unique combination of dairyness & strength I admire. Having more overall width, strength & power over the Reserve Heifer from the Intermediate Calf Class.

I also feel she has more depth & capacity of her rib structure & more length from hook to pins and is more level in her rump.

However I do commend my reserve heifer on her overall style, balance and dairyness that she possesses.

Two very exceptional heifers for this overall Championship.


1st DW & GN Renfree & Family

2nd Wayne Jeffery

3rd Joint: The Williams Family & W Bowman