2023 South West Club Herd Competition Results

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The South West Club held their annual herd competition with an excellent level of entry both in quality and quantity.

Results as follows:

Judge: Mr Steve Le Feuvre

Small Herd (up to 115 cows) – The Riggiston Cup

1st Riverview Herd – Chris & Connie Creeper

2nd Hayvalley Herd – D & GN Renfree

3rd Sowden Herd – The Huxtable Family

4th Buckridge Herd – A & F Mogridge

5th Greenway Herd – L & T Rockett

Large Herd (over 116 cows) – Sowden Cup

1st Rivermead Herd – Davis Family

2nd Quintrell Herd – Colwell Family

3rd Whitenhill Herd – Whitenhill Jerseys

4th Dalhem Herd – D Brown

5th Morebridge Herd – MJ Ashton & Sons

Junior Cow – The Chillaton Cup

1st Whitenhill Victorious Virgin – Whitenhill Jerseys

2nd Saxown Matt Cash 107 – The Saxby Family

3rd Rivermead Bubba Lexi – The Davis Family

4th Riverview Rufus Winnie – Chris & Connie Creeper

5th Cardinney Casino Starlight – James Warren

Intermediate Cow – Horler Cup

1st Quintrell Viral Tumeric – The Colwell Family

2nd – Riverview Oliver Boo – Chris & Connie Creeper

3rd Cardinney Ladd Wisher – James Warren

4th Whitenhill Typhoons Loxie – Whitenhill Jerseys

5th Rivermead Casino Natty – The Davis Family

Senior Cow – BOCM Cup

1st Quintrell Spectrum Dianna – The Colwell Family

2nd Scotsbridge Lix Winnie – Chris & Connie Creeprt

3rd Whitenhill Guapos Lorenza – Whitenhill Jerseys

4th Saxown Chrome Cash 96 – The Saxby Family

5th Rivermead Verdi Pixie – The Davis Family

Heifer In Milk – Badcock & Everard Trophy

1st Riverview Victorious Tessa – Chris & Connie Creeper

2nd Whitenhill Casino Lofin – Whitenhill Jerseys

3rd Dalhem Chrome Mavbun – D Brown

4th Hayvalley Jordan Milki – D & GN Renfree

5th Morebridge M Casino Miss Oct – MS Ashton & Son

Heifer in Calf – Morrish Trophy

1st Rivermead Victorious Sangria – The Davis Family

2nd Sowden Impression Dream – The Huxtable Family

3rd Dalhem Chrome Angela 3 – D Brown

4th Riverview Victorious Hip Hop – Chris & Connie Creeper

5th Rivermead Video Lolly – A & F Mogridge

Group of Three Daughters – Canonteign Cup

1st River Valley Victorious – Chris & Connie Creeper

2nd Elliotts Regency Casino – Whitenhill Jerseys

3rd Pine Tree Disco Bubba – The Davis Family

4th Potterswalls Timekeeper – The Huxtable Family

5th Enniskillen Engineer – James Warren

Dam & Daughter – Dalena Trophy

1st Whitenhill Coltons Lorinda – Whitenhill Jerseys

2nd Scotsbridge Lix Winnie – Chris & Connie Creeper

3rd Quintrell Joel Vivienne – The Colwell Family

4th Rivermead Verdi Pixie – The Davis Family

5th Cardinney Engineers Osier 10 – James Warren

Whole Herd Production Inspection

1st Hayvalley Herd – D & GN Renfree

2nd Morebridge Herd – MS Ashton & Son

3rd Whitenhill Herd – Whitenhill Jerseys

4th Cardinney Herd – James Warren

5th Riverview Herd – Chris & Connie Creeper

Two Homebred Cows – Gunn Shield

1st Futuredreams Valentinos Verdi – The Davis Family

2nd Quintrell Excitation Prussian Blue – The Colwell Family

3rd Whitenhill Victorious Esbentley – Whitenhill Jerseys

4th Potterswalls Gossip – The Huxtable Family

5th Coomber Designs Victor – TM & JA Garry

Family Line – Gosling Cup

1st Quintrell Viridian Myrna – The Colwell Family

2nd Whitenhill Excitements Winstar – Whitenhill Jerseys

3rd Rivermead Joel Candy – The Davis Family

4th Hennikers Global Fan Milki – D & GN Renfree

5th Cardinney Fantom Osier 4 – James Warren

Lifetime Production Inspection – Montgomery Cup

1st Whitenhill Iatola Hilda – Whitenhill Jerseys