2022 Jersey Young Breeders Weekend Results

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CALF CLASSES                    Judge: Mr Peter Cotton


1st           Lauren Parkhouse

2nd          William Spence

3rd           Jack Davis

4th           Izzy Davis


1st           Emily Wood

2nd          Jack Davis

3rd           Richard Watson

4th           Bethany Wood

5th           Ava Dickinson

6th           Zara Dickinson

7th           Georgie Bertram

8th           Oliver Pye


1st           Izzy Davis

2nd          Alfie Parkhouse

3rd           Mark Grififn

4th           Joseph Watson

5th           Katie Bertram

6th           Freddie Etteridge

7th           Euan Bertam


1st           Lauren Parkhouse

2nd          William Spence

3rd           Chloe Peach

4th           Cova Butcher

5th           Frank Griffin

CHAMPION                                        Izzy Davis

RESERVE CHAMPION                     Lauren Parkhouse

HONOURABLE MENTION              Alfie Parkhouse

National Clipping Competition – Novice

1st           Jack Davis

2nd          Emily Wood

3rd           Richard Watson & Ellie Davis

4th           Bethany Wood

5th           George Bertram & Ava Dickinson

6th           Zara Dickinson

National Clipping Competition

1st           Lauren Parkhouse

2nd          Cova Butcher

3rd           Chloe Peach

4th           Izzy Davis

5th           William Spence

6th           Frank Griffin

Poster Competition                       

1st           Just A Few Jerseys

2nd          The Jersey Stars

3rd           Flat the the Mat Jerseys

4th           Black Smoke Jerseys

Junior Stockperson                         Izzy Davis

Overall Stockperson                       Lauren Parkhouse

Most Improved Member              Frank Griffin

Best Newcomer                               Joseph Watson

Frank Poskitt Award for the member gaining the most from the weekend           Ellie Parkhouse

Novice Showmanship                    Richard Watson

Junior Showmanship                     Emily Wood

Intermediate Showmanship       Izzy Davis

Senior Showmanship                     Lauren Parkhouse

Junior Clipping – Novice               Jack Davis

Senior Clipping                                 Lauren Parkhouse

Stockjudging Award                        Joseph Watson

Calf Presentation                            Just a Few Jerseys

Best Team Captain                          Izzy Davis

Top Team                                            Flat to the Mat Jerseys

Tidy Lines                                            Jersey Stars

Muck Heap Challenge                   Just a Few Jerseys

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